Mott Projects 16 Livingston St. Catskill, NY  |

Courtesy the artist and Farmlands Residency, Luxembourg. 
Photograph by Tom Jungbluth

Mott Projects is pleased to present “Hold On,” a solo exhibition by Berlin-based artist David Hanes. This marks Hanes’ second exhibition at the gallery. Join us for the opening reception on Friday, June 7th, from 6-8 pm. The artist will be present.

In “Hold On” David Hanes presents a new series of paintings that convey his human desire to hold onto moments from his travels, exploring themes of home, wonder, exploration, and the mystical experience of living in a vibrant world.

Hanes paints in a self-taught style reminiscent of Gauguin, Matisse, Vlaminck, Kirchner, and other early modern painters. His process begins with plein-air sketches created during his travels, which he refers to as “Momentaufnahme” (snapshots). These sketches journey with him to different countries and environments to be eventually transformed into oil paintings or watercolors in his studio. This distinctive transformation process allows Hanes to revisit and reflect on the emotions tied to his plein-air studies, creating dynamic and immersive windows into his lived experiences.

Hanes’ paintings are not just about nature; they are a serious exploration of color and form that convey deep emotional and philosophical insights. His raw and expressive approach captures the essence of his outdoor memories, bringing them vividly into the studio setting. The result is a collection of intense, expressive paintings that bring his outdoor memories inside, bridging the gap between external experiences and internal transformations.

“Hold On” takes viewers on a journey through various times of day and night, including the transitional moments of dusk and dawn. His paintings vibrate with voice, enhancing the colors of visible reality. He often eliminates shadows and flattens volumes to express strength, energy, and spirit. Each piece offers a metaphysical engagement with the remnants of nature in our technologically saturated world, emphasizing the visceral and tactile process of painting. Hanes’ work highlights instinctual creativity, capturing moments in nature with immediacy and emotional intensity.

“Hold On” invites viewers to reconnect with the natural world, offering a profound reflection on the importance of preserving our rapidly vanishing environment. Hanes’ paintings serve as a testament to the enduring power of nature and the artist’s commitment to capturing its fleeting beauty.

David Hanes (b. 1987, Toronto) has exhibited in venues nationally and internationally, including Mott Projects (Catskill, NY), Il Bisonte Gallery (Florence, IT), Annika Nuttall Gallery (Aarhus, DK), Andrea Festa (Rome, IT), Emerge Project Space (Pescara, IT), White Noise Gallery (Rome, IT), Spazio ORR (Brescia, IT), Open Forum (Berlin, DE), Birch Contemporary (Toronto, CAN), Pylon Lab (Dresden, DE), Ultrastudio (Pescara, IT), and Robert Morat Galerie (Berlin, DE). His artistic contributions have been featured in esteemed publications such as DAZED, Juliet Art Magazine, O Fluxo, Daily Lazy, CKTH, Whitehot Magazine, FAD Magazine, Inside Art Magazine, Exibart, Artoday, Art Viewer, Ignant, SCANDALE Project, and KUBAPARIS. Recently, Hanes has been engaging in several projects, including residencies at Nightworks in Berlin, LungA School in Iceland, Farmlands Residency in Luxembourg, the SUL Foundation in Canada, and the Villa Lena Foundation in Tuscany.

Gallery Hours
Sunday 1-5pm & by appointment

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