David Zwirner: Platform March 2023 Mott Projects is pleased to partner with Platform as one of the featured galleries for March 2023. Platform is the e-commerce destination for new works by today‚Äôs most sought-after contemporary artists. At the beginning of each month Platform releases a new limited-time selection of artworks, selected in partnership with David Zwirner and sourced … Read more

In the Studio: Mario Emes

I get up, I lay down and then I get up again… (ES) Describe your work for us.(ME) Painting, objects, installations. Tell us a bit about your background. Where did you grow up?Born in Austria; grew up in my studio in the South Bronx (149 St. & 3rd Ave) NYC (Ft. Apache). You moved to … Read more

In the Studio: Seany Andrews

Taking a break from preparing for his upcoming solo show at Shit Art Club, Seany Andrews, aka The Mac, sits down with Erik Sommer to talk about Dr. Seuss, universal interconnectivity, gardening, and his new paintings that are no longer paintings. I love my reflection time. (ES) Describe your work for us.(SA)My work is a … Read more

In the Studio: David Hanes

Fresh off his solo exhibition Still Alive, David Hanes sits down with Erik Sommer to talk about acceptance, repetition, the significance of being in-between, and the pleasure of mixing paint from scratch. Art is my constant, and it remains my mode of engaging with a world I often misunderstand and feel disconnected from. (ES) Describe … Read more

In the Studio: Nils Jendri

Nils Jendri sits down with Erik Sommer to talk about hostels, using spray paint as a brush, earning a PhD in philosophy, and dreaming colors. “Painting is to enjoy the pure moment.” (ES) Describe your work for us.(NJ) I usually paint with spray paint. The one brush I have I use sometimes for the first … Read more

In the Gallery: Shit Art Club

Shit Art Club’s Loser Angeles and the Mac sit down with Erik Sommer to talk about authenticity, Google street view, creating an experience, and enjoying life. Life is never boring here. (ES) Tell us about Shit Art Club. How did it get started?(SAC) Well, we suppose the premature birth of Shit Art Club was way … Read more

In the Studio: Bram Braam

Bram Braam sits down with Erik Sommer to talk about the anarchistic character of Berlin, paying attention to specific details, reflecting on built environments, and thinking about how to physically occupy a space. A rough old surface can look very classy if you put it in the right order. (ES) First, describe your work for … Read more

In the Studio: Moffat Takadiwa

Moffat Takadiwa sits down with Erik Sommer to talk about cultural identity, the mobilization of material, Tapfuma Gutsa, and the Mbare Art Space. I want to start a dialogue around colonial residue in Africa. (ES) Describe your work for us.(MT) I elevate daily remains of discarded consumer wastes and residue into sculptural forms that engage … Read more