In the Studio: Seany Andrews

Taking a break from preparing for his upcoming solo show at Shit Art Club, Seany Andrews, aka The Mac, sits down with Erik Sommer to talk about Dr. Seuss, universal interconnectivity, gardening, and his new paintings that are no longer paintings. I love my reflection time. (ES) Describe your work for us.(SA)My work is a … Read more

In the Gallery: Shit Art Club

Shit Art Club’s Loser Angeles and the Mac sit down with Erik Sommer to talk about authenticity, Google street view, creating an experience, and enjoying life. Life is never boring here. (ES) Tell us about Shit Art Club. How did it get started?(SAC) Well, we suppose the premature birth of Shit Art Club was way … Read more

In the Studio: Anna Pietrzak

Anna Pietrzak sits down with Erik Sommer to talk about her background in architecture, how she discovered gold leaf, the importance of trial and error, and the positive side effects of cleaning her studio. I only explore in larger finished pieces those that awaken excitement. (ES) First, describe your work for us.(AP) I try to … Read more